Protect what you’ve earned

We’re passionate about helping individuals and business owners protect the assets they worked hard to earn. Often there are little teaks we can make to your asset structuring so you can reap more rewards.

If you need asset protection and feel overwhelmed, we can implement a structure that is right for you.

Asset Protection

You wouldn’t leave your precious jewels lying around, waiting to be taken. So why not protect your hard-earned assets as well? Stephen and the Tax Owl team will help you implement and adjust your tax and asset structures so they suit you best. It’s all about maximising the returns for you and keeping more money in your pocket.

You family home, car and other personal valuables are important to you. We’ll make sure they are protected with the correct structure.


If a trust is right for you, we can establish and maintain the trust for you. Our team are experts when it comes to trusts and will make sure yours is structured correctly from the get-go. We can also prepare trust financial statements and tax returns and make sure your trust is maintained effectively.

Business Agreements

Shareholder or management agreements are a must-have. Running a business is so dynamic and things can change at any moment. It’s important to have processes and agreements in place that dictate what will happen upon exiting or passing. We can help you get a solid agreement in place so you’re fully prepared for the future.

Financial Statement and Tax Return Preparation

While you are working smart and hard at creating your assets it is important that your assets are correctly recorded in financial statements and proper disclosures are made in tax returns.

We ensure that your financial statements are prepared, and tax returns filed within your deadlines and statutory timeframes.

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