Need help dealing with your tax debt?

Stephen Diedericks, Founder of Tax Owl, has more than 20 years of practical business experience. He’s worked with hundreds of business owners, studied law, has an incredible knowledge of tax law and has worked in government roles where he was responsible for tax audits and investigations. So it’s safe to say that Stephen has solved a vast array of tax and business matters.

If you’ve got a tax debt and want help dealing with it, talk to Tax Owl. We can help you get back on your feet in no time.

Reduce your debt

Owing a tax debt to the IRD is a bit like having a weight on your shoulders or a constant knot in your stomach. It’s not a nice feeling. But there is always something you can do about it! Often it’s just a case of getting the right advice and the right plan in place.

How we help you reduce your tax bill

We’ll sit down with you to prepare a solid tax debt reduction plan that suits your situation. Our team will take a look at every part of your financial situation to ensure we’re on the same page. This plan will enable you to reduce your tax debt in a way that’s achievable for you.

We go above and beyond when it comes to our clients. We’ll even represent you in the event of a tax audit or dispute. This saves many of our clients from unnecessary stress and concern and enables us to achieve an outcome that suits you best.

If you’ve got a tax debt, talk to us today.

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